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Central Management Admission Test 

What is the CMAT exam format?

CMAT consists of one hundred (100) objective questions containing twenty (25) questions in each section with a total weight of 100 marks.

Subjects                                             Marks

Verbal Ability                                    25

Logical Reasoning                      25

Quantitative Aptitude                     25

General Awareness                     25

Students have to solve these questions and circle the correct alternative out of given four alternatives in an allocated time of 90 minutes.

FAQs Related to CMAT?

What is the total time of CMAT?

The total time of CMAT is 90 minutes or 1.5hrs. Students should complete the test and submit answer sheets and question papers to the examiner within 90 minutes.

What is the full mark of CMAT?

The full mark for CMAT is 100 marks. The test consists of 4 sections carrying marks volume of 25 each.

What is the pass mark of CMAT?

The pass mark for CMAT is 40 marks. Students who want to study management can’t get admitted to semester-based programs of TU unless they secure pass marks in CMAT. Students aren’t allowed to join even private colleges of TU unless they pass CMAT.

Is there negative marking in CMAT?

There is no system of Negative Marking in CMAT. So, students are suggested to attempt all the questions.

Is calculator allowed to use in CMAT?

TU doesn’t allow use of calculators in CMAT. Students should practice solving questions without using a calculator which should be done in the exam also.

What are the types of questions asked in CMAT?

In CMAT, objective questions are asked from the section of Math, English, Logical Reasoning and General Awareness.

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General Awareness Mock Test III


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